Hi, my name is
Cosimo Franco

and this is my Official Website!©

What I Do

I am a young web and cloud developer, specialized in the developement of website, ecommerce, app and cloud management software.

Web Development

The website is the showcase of your business, which is why the attention to detail for me is very important. Now Google rewards sites that meet the requirements for navigation from mobile terminals.

Web & App Design

Nowadays mobile has become essential in the development of websites. So my most important priority is to develop sites adaptive to any screen in order to be 100% accessible by any user and always offer the best possible sense!

SEO Content

The SEO activity is critical to the positioning of the site on the search engines. URL optimization, clean the source code and speed up page load; internal linking and metadata for all resources on the site. Are just some of the actions to be implemented for SEO!

About Me

Ok this is me.

As you have already seen my name is Cosimo, a young boy of the middle 90s generation.

From an early age I discovered my passion for technology, so since then I've never ended to cultivate it.

The choice of school could only be one: Industrial, IT specialization.

After school I departed into the Navy and after a year I decided to go back doing what has always fascinated me...

...so I got a job at Web Agency Web Chianche and I started to do the Software Developer for the Web.

Today, after having expanded my knowledge, I decided to start my own business without ever interrupting the relationship with Web Chianche, indeed transforming my position on that in line with the ideology of the company: a professional who is fully part of the team, a chianca.

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Google - Eccellenze in Digitale
Trinity Grade 7 (B2)
General English and Trinity Preparation
LLP Comenius
Diploma Perito Informatico (97/100)

My Skills




Angular 2+






Bootstrap 3+



My Works


Il mio sito Ufficiale!


Il sito artistico del famoso ballerino e coreografo Silvano Marraffa.

Visita il Sito

Ogni giorno non mancano notizie di gravi incidenti stradali in cui spesso i soccorsi non riescono ad essere tempestivi causa il mancato riconoscimento sul posto del paziente e delle sue informazioni principali come il gruppo sanguigno o le eventuali patologie o allergie che potrebbero indurre il paziente ad eventuali reazioni negative sull’intervento medico.

Lo scopo alla base del mio progetto è quello di metter fine a tutti questi gravi problemi che io ritengo ineccepibili in un mondo pieno di innovazioni e tecnologie.

Così mi sono ingegnato per trovare un modo che sfrutti la tecnologia e l’informatica per dar vita ad una soluzione che sia affidabile, Userfriendly e veloce, un qualcosa di intuitivo e professionale, per metter fine una volta per tutte a questo problema…la mia soluzione si chiama Safe App!

Se sei interessato al mio progetto contattami.

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